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About the event

1. What happens if paper runs out during the event?

No problem, we always carry 2 extra spare rolls of paper and media for every event.

2. Is there a member of staff during the night?

Yes, unlike some companies our photo booth has an attendant running it for the whole event ensuring hassle free use for you and your guests!

3. If the booth is going really well, is there the option to extend our coverage on the night?

Yes, obviously this depends on the attendants other commitments however it could be possible to extend your coverage on the night. We would require full payment on the night of the additional time required.

4. Do you help us use the photo booth?

Of course, we are always on hand to help with the running of the photobooth. We also help create a fun atmosphere and encourage your friends and family to dress to impress taking full advantage of our free prop hire!

5. Do we have to feed/water you during the event?

No! You have paid us to run a professional service not turn up and eat your party food. Should the event go through a meal time, our attendant will have a packed lunch and drink with them.

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