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1. I don’t want my photos online, is this something you will do?

Not a problem at all, we completely respect your privacy and if you would prefer us not to make an online gallery for your friends and family just let us know!

2. Can we get an extra copy of our CD?

Yes, we can offer additional copies of your printed CD for just £10. This will include all of the images and videos taken at your event.

3. Are you insured?

Gigglebox Booths are fully insured, and paperwork can be provided should a venue need to see it.

4. What do you wear to my event?

We respect that your event is important to you, and our dress code is always professional. We wear one plain black tops. Please note, especially in the summer months, we may arrive in more casual clothing during the set up of the photo booth. As I am sure you can appreciate it is very hot work setting up the photo booth, so we will get changed once the photo booth is erected before your coverage starts.

5. Do you cover any type of event?

Yep, anywhere with people ready to have some fun, then we will be there!

6. What start time would you recommend?

We would usually suggest for a start time between 7pm-8pm for evening events.

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