8 reasons to choose Gigglebox Booths

1. Our photo booth is one of the best available on the market using high quality professional SLR cameras. The oval booth allows for larger groups to use it compared to the traditional rectangular booths, which can only hold smaller groups of 3-4. It has a 21” touch screen in the booth, which allows for guests to choose between taking stills or video.
2. Our photo booth is fully insured, as some venues may want proof of insurance before you can enter their premises. The booth is also fully tested and covered for electrical testing.
3. We do not limit visits to the booth during your event. We beleive you and your guests should be able to use the photo booth as many times as pysically possible, without us telling you that your number of uses is complete!
4. I (Gary) have almost 8 years experience in the wedding industry having photographed over 200 weddings. I know a lot of venues & their staff very well, and have a great relationship with them all!
5. Our photo booth provides higher quality photographs than some of the other competition out there, as instead of using a cheaper end webcam, we use a professional Canon SLR camera.
6. We arrive to every event nice and early, as we would rather have the booth ready and be hanging around then keep you waiting for the booth to be up and running.
7. Just like my wedding photography business, I DO NOT sub contract work out. Once our booth is booked, we’re booked!!! That means you will always get US running your photobooth, not some random company I have then paid a bit of cash to for which you would not know the quality of their work/booth.
8. Every one of our booth packages come with free prop hire, for that added bit of fun!
Photo booth hire in Brentwood

Photo booth hire in Brentwood